Flow computer and cabinet

Fluids’Xperts install flow computer inside rack or cabinet. Fluids’Xperts have a large experience with flow computer OMNI 6000 & 3000 of Omniflow Computer Inc.

Omni computers are suitable for liquid or gas metering in relation to all types of flowmeter technology. These calculators manage all types of prover. They comply with the requirements of national or international standards and regulations for custody transfer.

Design and realization of rack and cabinet equipped with flow computer

  • Specification
  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Mechanizing, assembly and wiring
  • Flow computer configuration
  • Test by simulation of batching
  • Test by simulation of alarm, printing, communication, memorization
  • Input and output calibration
  • Factory acceptance test
  • On site commissioning
  • Periodic checking